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Semi-dry oil lubrication Cooler/Magic-Cut e-Mist

E-Mist is an environmentally sound semi-dry oil lubrication . It cools and lubricates by applying a miniscule amount of cutting oil (5-10cc/hr), in mist form, to the blade edge. Not only the volume of oil used but post-processing labor and costs can be minimized.
Why Magic-Cut?


Environmentally sound semi-dry cutting
As a cold mist of a miniscule amount of oil is sprayed, oil does not need to be recollected, the product cleaning process is reduced, and the impact of waste liquid and related processing on the environment is kept to a minimum.
Outstanding finish greatly reduces costs
It is said that cutting oil accounts for 1/3 of the cost of the cutting process. With e-Mist, not only are cutting fluid costs greatly reduced but so are product cleaning costs and waste liquid processing costs. Unlike with cold-blast processing, which deteriorates surface roughness and tool service life, processing performance is not sacrificed.
So simple. Yet so affordable.
Precisely because its development was based in the technology accrued since Magic-Cut was launched in 1965, this product features functionality and a low price. As it can easily be attached to any machinery, it can be used on the same day it is purchased.

· Control of liquid volume makes it possible to adapt usage for semi-dry oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication, and other mainly lubrication.
· Simultaneous lubrication, cooling and cutting powder removal action.
· Liquid volume checker makes fine adjustment possible.
· Greatly reduces the labor and cost that cutting fluid involves. Environmentally sound and considerate.
· Attaches easily, enabling it to be used on any machinery.
· Prolongs tool service life.
· Increases surface roughness.
· Line nozzle is slim, durable and more flexible.
· Achieves the best balance between cost and performance.
· Yields the greatest effect from specially developed oil.

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