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For preventing the generation of static electricity

Automatic humidifying systems: Mist Station

This system works to prevent the extremely detrimental generation of static electricity in factories for precision instruments, printing plants and the like. Setting the sensor makes it possible to automatically control humidity to the optimum level.


The humidity sensor enables automated control to the optimum (set) humidity level.
Diagram of system and explanation of control box
Digital display provides indoor humidity level to be determined at a glance.
The spray gun rotates freely 60, providing efficient wide-area humidification.
System is compact, easy to operate and maintenance-free.
With the time system, it can be applied to deodorizing, disinfecting and similar purposes.
The spray gun rotates freely 60, providing efficient wide-area humidification.
*The actual components of Mist Station will differ depending on the size of the space in which it is to be installed and its air-conditioning facilities. For details, please contact Lumina.
*Also available is the highly affordable Mist Station Jr., which does not use a humidity sensor.


Applications include humidification, humidity control, and the prevention of static electricity and dust.

Diagram of System and Control Box

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