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For wide patterns

PR Series

Made of aluminum alloy, this large model has a lightweight body and is easy to use. Equipped with pattern and atomization adjusters, this model is a classic, suitable for a wide variety of purposes, beginning with painting.
With its wide-angle round patterns and large liquid passage, the MS-8A is optimal for adhesives and other high-viscosity liquids. Its spiral spray prevents paint drops from adhering.

Flat-Spray Patterns

Diagram can be downloaded in PDF format.
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· PR-20 Standard model suitable for various purposes (Diagram of PR-20: 43KB PDF file)
· PR-20C Equipped with a circulation system (Diagram of PR-20C: 45KB PDF file)
· PR-30 Equipped with an atomized air separation system, provides a soft mist (Diagram of PR-30: 46KB PDF file)
· PR-30C Equipped with atomized air separation and circulation systems (Diagram of PR-30C: 50KB PDF file)
· PR-30W Equipped with an atomized air separation system, for wide-angle spraying (Diagram of PR-30W: 48KB PDF file)

Round-Spray Patterns

· MS-8A For wide-angle round spraying (Diagram of MS-8A: 40KB PDF file)
· MS-8SX (order-made) For highly viscous liquids (Diagram of MS-8SX: 38KB PDF file)
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