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Accommodating a variety of demands

Special Spray Guns

To accommodate customer demands, Lumina also manufactures special spray guns.
Before you give up on what you need, please contact us.

HM-3-PPS | ST-8 | HM-6RW-L140 | Long-neck ST | Suction Gun
Special Plastic Spray Guns


In addition to its standard brass models, Lumina also manufactures the SUS303, a stainless steel model, the SUS316, titanium models and other special spray guns. For the first time, Lumina is launching a spray gun made of plastic (PPS resin), created from the HM series.
Outstanding in terms of resistance to solvents, chemicals, heat, acid, alkalinity and in its prevention of static electrification, this model is equipped to accommodate a variety of liquids.


Applications include semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, food processing lines, electronic parts, various precision instruments and chemical plants.

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A further miniaturization of the ST-6


The ultimate ST type, the ST-8 is a further miniaturization of the ST-6, which could be considered the standard mini-size spray gun.

Although it is not equipped with a pattern adjuster, the ST-8 is an air-separating type with atomized-air piston operation, thus making low-pressure atomization possible.
[Photos comparing the front]
The ST-6 (on the right) has a 32mm angle, while the ST-8 (on the left) has only a 22mm angle.
[Photos comparing the side]
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Precisely what is needed -1


This model was developed for mold-lubricant coating for semiconductor sealant formation. As its opening is very small, it covers what the standard spray guns could not easily coat. This was achieved by separating the main body and the head and equipping the head for dual (two-sided) spraying.

[Enlarged photo of head]
Thickness: 13mm; pipe diameter: φ6
The opposite side is also equipped with a spray orifice.
Structured to give airflow a spiral shape, this model makes it possible to obtain wide-angle round-spray patterns.

[Cap (left) and nozzle (right)]
One-sided spraying head specifications Only 8.5mm thick. (Pipe diameter:φ5)
Precisely what is needed -2

Long-neck ST

This model was designed for lubricating narrow places and coating pipe interiors.

One of its advantages is that it enables the air cap of the ST-5, a standard model, to be removed and re-attached to this model just as it is.
A variety of lengths can be adopted. Here, the longer neck measures 40cm.
The tip has been elevated. As atomizing will be done at an angle, it will make it easier to coat the sides.  
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To remove microscopic debris

Suction Gun

This gun was designed to suction the extremely detrimental micron-size debris found in factories manufacturing optical instruments, semiconductors or the like.

The connection to air is made from beneath its pistol-styled grip. When the trigger is pulled, the tip of the slender nozzle suctions away debris. This debris is then discharged from the end of the coiled corrugated tube.
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