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Pin-point oil lubrication with a contact system renders use more enjoyable.

Automatic tap-oil lubricators/Tap-Touch

Overall setup
  This device automatically provide oil lubrication for the tapping process.
With this contact type of pinpoint oil lubrication in which lubrication is provided with the end of the nozzle directly contacting the tap, adhesion of oil to the work in progress is kept the very minimum, making post-processing very easy.
The volume of oil used for lubrication can be adjusted using the timer setting on the controller, which is linked to the limit switch. This makes lubrication possible with the minimum quantity of oil, supplied only at the necessary moment.


Boosts work efficiency
With oil lubrication provided only where the work needs it, other parts are not unnecessarily dirtied. Even if cleaning is necessary, dirt from cleaning solution and cleaning time are kept to the minimum.
Appropriate amount of oil lubrication
As the product is equipped with a controller, oil volume and timing can be adjusted.
Fine adjustment starting from 1 drop (0.01cc) is possible.
As the minimum amount of oil necessary for lubrication can be provided, use of the product is extremely economical. Air pollution from oil volatilization is also kept to a minimum.
Tapping oil
Both non-washable types and oil-based types can be used, and maximum cutting performance will be elicited.


With surface-processed steel plate, silicon steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate and other thin plate materials, this product is suitable for the tapping process(especially Roll tap) for household appliances (TVs and audio equipment), infocommunications devices (personal computers, cellular phones) and electronic parts.

For lubricating cutting taps with oil, we also recommend the Magic-Cut e-Mist.

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