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Business Activities

Giving Shape to Possibilities
Lumina fulfills customer demands with its proposal and development capabilities. Together with our customers, we search for new possibilities and give them shape.

Merely handing the customer a catalog and waiting for them to make their selections is not how Lumina does business. Instead, we work with every need that the customer expresses: “I want a spray gun that performs like this…” “I want to create this effect.” “ I want to try using the product for this purpose.” If we cannot accommodate the customer with our existing products, we propose searching out new possibilities, include partial remodeling and order-made products. This is both Lumina's strength and Lumina's sales policy.
Because automatic spray guns are used for diverse purposes in every possible manufacturing field, we believe our proposal capability will continue to grow in value henceforth.

Lumina's conceptual capacity and development capability are what generate the possibilities for its proposal capability geared to lineups that contain a multitude of products. Based on years of experience and original conceptual capacity, Lumina continues to take on new challenges.
While the development of new products is obviously important, Lumina strives to satisfy customers in a variety of ways by developing special-order products geared to customers' individual needs. From small-scale remodeling and modification to made-to-order production of original products, Lumina is proud of the technology and development capability that it is able to propose.

possibilities photo POSSIBILITIES

Lumina's products are effective for every possible manufacturing site. Effects are varied and include improving product finish, reducing work time, cutting personnel costs, making finishing precision uniform, improving the work environment, reducing defective goods, prolonging tool service life, cutting costs of oil and other supplies used, simplifying processes, and providing added value. Many worksites are satisfied with the results of using Lumina products. The worksites that use Lumina's automatic spray guns, in particular, and what they use them for are highly varied, and Lumina will continue to expand possibilities by using its development and proposal capacities to meet customers' needs.

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