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Addition of special spray gun, made of plastic


Mechatrotech Japan
  ·02.7/14 Addition of special-purpose gun (ST-8)
  ·02.7/10 Launch of ST-5SK/ST-6SK
  ·02.7/10 4-liter gravity container undergoes model change
  ·01.12/26 Addition of special-purpose gun
  ·01.12/18 Creation of page to introduce special-purpose guns
  ·01.12/14 Stainless-steel pressurized tank undergoes model change
  ·01.11/19 Lumina automatic spray gun utilized for Chiba University’s land-mine detection
    robot; Notification of death of company founder and representative director, Mr. Shigeru Kuwahara
  ·01.7/6 Addition of items to spray gun Q&A page
  ·01.3/16 New type of liquid volume checker created for e-Mist
  ·00.12/25 Cited in The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry guidebook, IT Strengthening Book for Small and Medium-Size Businesses.
  ·00.9/28 Addition of page for stainless-steel pressurizing tank
  ·00.9/28 Product information added (on Mist Station, Cool Dambo and Airbrush)
  ·00.9/21 For users of Magic Cut models OS-2, OZ-2 and M-2
  ·99.9/25 New page added for counteracting spray-gun trouble
  ·99.9/26 New page added for spray-gun Q&A (updated on 00.6/24)
  ·99.7/12 Launch of semi-dry oil lubrication cooler Magic Cut e-Mist
  ·99.3/30 Entered exhibition at Hannover Messe
  ·99.3/2 Lumina newsletter created (citing examples of spray-gun usage)
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