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Possible Applications
Factory humidification
Seizing prevention


Oil lubrication
Rust prevention
Food humidification
Powder humidification
Lubrication of molded items
Chemical coating
Product humidification


Food Product Humidification

Food product humidification (frozen-food factory)


In lines that manufacture frozen foods, such as grilled rice balls and pilaf, cooked rice sticks to the surface of conveyors that transport it, causing problems both in terms of sanitation and in terms of the labor that cleaning involves. Although this manufacturer knew that humidification would help, too large an amount of water would cause rice grains to become sticky. Although use of a spray gun enabled a small amount of water to be sprayed, with a standard spray gun, when the amount of liquid is restricted, the spray pattern also tends to become narrow. Thus, the manufacturer searched for another solution.


The ST-6W was selected for its ability to provide a large, even, fan pattern, even when little liquid is used. A special-order version was made from stainless steel to better accommodate usage for food products. Applying the appropriate amount of humidity made it possible to boost work efficiency, without altering product quality.

In relation to food products, it is also being used widely for atomizing seasonings and flavorings, coating bread molds with oil, disinfecting with alcohol, and adding color and the like.

· Spray gun used: ST-6W

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